Inlets, suction nozzle and wall conduits

Return wall inlet with eyeball for concrete pool

Return wall inlet with eyeball for liner pool

Return wall inlet (02100101+1 nut+2 gaskets)

Return wall inlet to glue for concrete pool

Suction nozzle for concrete pool

Suction nozzle for liner pool

Suction nozzle (02100201+1 nut+2 gaskets)

Suction nozzle to glue for concrete pool

L-300mm wall conduit to glue external 63mm / internal 50 mm

L-300mm wall conduit to thread 2″ external 63mm / internal 50mm

  • Manufactured in white ABS with UV protection, the inlets adapt to any kind of concrete or prefabricated pool.
  • Including all the components you need for the best performance of your pool.
  • Return Inlets return filtered and treated water to the pool.
  • Suction Inlets are used to connect the pool cleaner.
  • Conduits used to aid the installation of return and suction inlets.
  • Adaptable in length for easier installation and replacement of the inlets in concrete pools.
  • 300 mm conduits can be adjusted to 250 or 170 mm.
  • Inlets and nozzles available for concrete and liner pools.

Main drain

Main drain D.182 – 2″ for concrete pool

Main drain D.182 – 2″ for liner pool

Main drain with support ring and grating

Square drain 9″ x 9″ (225 x 225)

Square drain 12″ x 12″ (300 x 300)

  • Made of white ABS with UV protection included.
  • Side connection with 2” female thread.
  • Available for concrete and pre-fabricated pools.
  • Drain grilles used in concrete pools with a built-in main drain.

Overflow grating

  • Manufactured of PP including UV protection. This material has
    a high mechanical resistance and it is not altered by chemical and
    atmospheric agents.
  • An anti-slip surface with a multipurpose function as the same
    grating can be used for both curved and straight overflows.

Skimmer for above ground pool

Wall Skimmer with standard throat

Wall Skimmer with wide throat